Homeowner and contractor looking at plans

So, you're looking at a roofing project this season? Finding the perfect Northern Pittsburgh roofing company to do the job can be a challenge. If you are struggling with what kind of information you need to ask about during interviews, here are a few questions to keep in mind.

Are You a Licensed Roofer?

Knowing that your roofing contractor is licensed can bring peace of mind, especially when that person is about to work on your home. In the state of Pennsylvania, most home improvement contractors aren't required to be licensed. However, they do need to register with the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office if they earn more than $5,000 in a year.

There are exceptions to this rule. Some local cities in Pennsylvania have established requirements for local licensing and certification. 

Do you Carry Liability Insurance?

Any experienced contractor should carry general liability insurance to protect their livelihoods and their customers' properties. In Pennsylvania, contractors are required to carry a minimum amount of insurance after they register with the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office.

What Kind of Warranty Protection Do You Offer?

The investment in a new roof should be backed by warranty coverage, at least on the roofing materials. Thankfully, many roofers work with recognized brands, like CertainTeed, which do provide long-lasting product and labor warranties. Some roofing contractors also provide their own labor warranties on roof replacements and roof repairs in addition to the manufacturer's warranty.

Do You Handle Waste Removal?

Many roofing contractors will take care of removing old roof shingles and other construction waste from your property. They'll either have a company truck that they use for hauling waste, or they'll rent a special dumpster for construction waste. The contractors may recycle part or all of the roof waste, usually the shingles, at a special recycling facility.

Do You Offer Free Roofing Estimates?

In order to remain competitive, lots of roofing companies in Northern Pittsburgh offer free roofing estimates to their customers. We do the same at EAS Roofing. Customers can call us to set up an appointment for a free roof damage report and repair quote. We'll send out a roofing specialist who can assess the damage using advanced drone technology. 

EAS also offers:

  • HOA & Community Roofing
  • Siding
  • Storm Restoration Services

Consider giving us a call or filling out our online form to arrange your free roof inspection as soon as possible.