We have given thousands of estimates and have met with many different homeowners who have different concerns, needs, or wants in their new roof. We gathered our sales team and put together some of the more popular questions that are usually asked during an estimate!

Q: How long you have been in business?

A: Knowing how long a company has been in business can give you an idea of how credible a company is. A company that has been in business for more than ten years should have many reviews and belong to different credible companies such as Angie's List, BBB, Home Advisor, etc. and maintain high ratings. If the reviews and ratings aren't very good then chances are they are not the company for you. Doing research on a company shouldn't be hard. Mostly everyone uses the internet for reviews and information on a company before even calling that company. If a company has been in business for under 10 years, it is not necessarily a red flag they just aren't as experienced. While doing your research on the company take into consideration how many different sites their name comes up on under the search engine you choose. Do they engage in social media? Social media is a great way for homeowners to keep in touch and gather information about the company they are researching. Do they engage with their Facebook community? Do they post often or run specials/contests to show how your business is appreciated? Has the company grown or bettered itself in the years they have been in business? How long a company has been in business shouldn't be a number one factor in your decision-making, what they have accomplished in the years they have been around being more of the question that should be asked.

Q: What warranties do you offer?

A: Warranties are a huge factor in deciding on the company and roof your choose to be installed. Most companies offer some sort of material warranty, but most do not cover the workmanship. 90% of roofs fail due to poor installation. For example, our company, EAS Roofing, is a 5-star Select Shingle Master with CertainTeed. This is the highest level of achievement through CertainTeed. We offer a 50-year warranty on our shingles and also a 10-year non-prorated warranty on workmanship, which means CertainTeed has trained us and trusts that we install the material to their roofing system standards so much that they will also replace the roof if the material is installed poorly, even if the material is up to their standards. If a company has a poor warranty chances are their work and material will also be poor.

Q: Do you have insurance?

A: To be a certified company and have a license you must have insurance. Always ask this! If the contractor is trying to cover up the question or isn't upfront about insurance, it is not the company for you. Roofing is a dangerous job, and if someone gets hurt on your property without insurance, you would be held responsible for any damages. Always make sure your contractor isn't hesitant or "shady" when you ask this question. It will save you many headaches in the future if something did happen.

Q: Do you use Sub-contractors?

A: When homeowners hear "sub-contractors" it usually comes with a bad connotation. Not all sub-contractors are bad, as long as the company they work for has trained them to their standards and keeps up on the quality of the work they do. We do use sub-contractors. We also have project managers who are our trained employees and they stay on the job and inspect everything that goes on. They make sure the work is being done to our standards. Some companies will just send anyone to get the work done and this is why sub-contractors have gotten a "bad-wrap"; not all install poorly. As a homeowner, you want to feel comfortable with who is working on your home. That is also why we have our employees on the job as well to ensure the same comfort you felt when we came to provide you with an estimate, and when you chose to hire us.

Q: How are you different from other companies?

A: This is a popular question we get asked. You want to know what makes our company different from the other fifty roofers in the area. Look for investments, such as vehicles and equipment. For example, we invested in a machine called the Equipter a few years back. We were so happy with the machine and so were our homeowners that we invested in another two. We have also invested in two vans strictly for service repairs. They are equipped and loaded with all the material needed to do the most common roof repairs. We also have invested in four work trucks for our project managers to work out of. These are also equipped with all the materials needed to roof replacements, such as tools, generators, brakes to bend metal, and tear off shovels. Also, take into consideration the awards and achievements the company took time to earn. Have they attended any classes or conventions to better themselves in the trade? These are all little extras that show how dedicated a company is to its industry. 

Q: Do you offer Financing?

A: Offering financing is a convenience for homeowners. Not all homeowners are aware of how much a roof costs nowadays, it can be a huge surprise when given an estimate. Financing is usually made with a third-party company and does come at a charge or a portion of the loan is deducted for them. I'm not saying since a company doesn't offer to finance it isn't credible, but if it is an option then that company took the extra time to register with a company to make it easier for a homeowner to be able to afford a new roof for their home.