Decorating your house for the holidays or a special event is a fun perk of owning your home. With most things you do outside or to your house there needs to be precautions taken to ensure you aren't injured or that you don't damage anything structural on your home. 

First if you are hanging decorations high you want to use steady material. You want to have a strong steady ladder that grips into the ground below you. Ladders can easily slide or slip out from under you causing you a unwanted trip to the emergency room.

You do not want to lean the ladder on your gutters. They can bend or the ladder can slide sideways causing you to fall. Checking your lights and decoration before hanging them can also save some time for you. Make sure the cords are all intact and not frayed before plugging them in since they could pose a fire hazard.

Always use clips, not nail or screws to hang your lights. Nails and screws, even though you may think the place you are hanging them isn't important, can cause bigger damages in the long run. Nails or screwed entered into shingles, gutters, siding, or fascia can let moisture in over time causing the growth of mold or wood to rot. Hang the lights in small sections, light strands that are to long can get tangled or caught on different areas making decorating an even harder task. Also before finished make sure all the bulbs are intact not only can one bulb cause a whole strand to go out it can also pose a fire hazard. Taking these precautions can make decorating your house fun, like it should be.