Spring Roofing-Roof Check

As the strange and weirdly warm winter starts to teeter away, it's time to realize that the true Spring season is peeking out just beyond the bend.  The winter season is generally hard on a home, and when weather varies drastically, this can be even more true.   Spring is a good time to check for roofing problems that may have manifested over the past several months.

In many cases, the weather changes and winter's touch will make minimal damage to your roof, however, it is wise to find and address problems before they become major issues.

Use our Spring Roofing checklist to find out if your roof is ready for the next season!

Outside Roof Check

The majority of roofing problems are found from an exterior view.  Here is what we recommend keeping your eyes out for:

  • Nails that pop up or show

  • Split, curling or bubbly looking shingles

  • Missing Shingles

  • Loose Shingle

  • Missing or loose shingles along the ridgeline

  • Sparse or missing granules from shingles

  • Sagging or bulging anywhere on the roof

  • Missing or cracked caulk around the flashing

  • Missing or damaged flashing

  • Any flashing that is rusted

  • Chimney cracks or damage

  • Dry rot (when wood is brittle and falls apart)

  • Broken seals anywhere

  • Gutter damage or missing or damaged downspouts

  • Rotted fascia board, Damaged Fascia

Interior Roof Check/Attic Check

Head into the attic to inspect the internal signs of a healthy roof.  Here's what to check:

  • Signs of leakage around vents and chimneys

  • Sagging around rafters

  • Crack in the sheathing 

  • Inadequate ventilation

  • Any signs of moisture

  • Light shining in from the outside

  • Pest damage

It is not uncommon for an unsuspecting or minor looking problem to become a larger problem when not addressed right away.   Fixing the roof problems you may have will help you keep your roof to proper working function and ensure the longevity of your home investment.

If you have something that restrains you from accessing or inspecting your roof to detect roofing problems, contact a professional roofing company.  At EAS Roofing, our Pittsburgh roofing contractors are here to help with any and all of your Spring roofing concerns.  

For help with your roof, call us today!