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Top Class Skylight Installation and the Best Brands

At, EAS Roofing, We install both Wasco and Velux brand Skylights. We are a certified Installer with Wasco  Skylights. All of our installers have taken the Wasco Skylight training course in Maine. This certification was a must in order to provide our homeowners' with the confidence they need knowing they have certified installers' installing their skylights. We are also a 3-star skyight specialist with velux, which is the highest ranking you can receive, unless you are devoted only to installing skylights.

If you are looking for help picking out and installing skylights for homes in Pittsburgh, then EAS roofing can provide you the help you need with high-quality skylights from Wasco and Velux. EAS is a certified installer of Wasco Skylights and all of our installers have completed the Wasco Skylight training course. There is no one more qualified to provide you with an installation for your Wasco Skylights in Pittsburgh. If you are interested in Velux Skylights, then our team can provide you with an experienced installation for that as well. Just give us a call today and find out more about the benefits of adding a skylight to your Pittsburgh home and how EAS can help.

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Wasco Skylights

SageGlass Tinting Skylight
Controls Heat & Glare, No need for blinds or shades, improves energy efficiency, set an automatic control or can be controlled from mobile device.
Solar Motorized Venting Skylight
No wiring needed, energy efficient, can connect to wireless, has rain sensor.
UltraSeal Venting Skylight
No wiring needed, has wireless remote, rain sensor come in one piece.
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Wasco Skylights is an excellent brand that provides a range of residential skylights that fit every homeowner’s wants and needs. With vented skylights, tinted skylights, solar skylights and wireless options that are remote controlled, Wasco is perfect for any situation. With options like the SageGlass Tinting Skylight, you no longer need skylight shades or blinds to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

When you choose EAS Roofing, you get certified Wasco Skylight installers which guarantee you a lifetime warranty on all of their products. The other added benefits that Wasco Skylights provide are their patented one-piece unit and Ultraseal System. The Ultraseal provides a water-resistant barrier and the one-piece unit is a great alternative to many other brands that can have up to 23 pieces. If that is not enough to have you sold on Wasco Skylights, you also become eligible for a 30% Federal Tax Credit when you have one installed. So, call EAS Roofing to find out more about Wasco Skylights prices and our incredible installation services.

Velux Skylights

Electric Skylight
Has battery powered remote and rain sensors to close if open.
Manual Skylight
Opens and closes with control rod or turning knob.
Solar Powered Skylight
Skylight charged by sunlight. No need for electric wiring.
Fixed Skylight
Basic skylight to let in natural sunlight, does not open.
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At EAS Roofing, we also provide installation for Velux Skylights. Velux provides a range of powered, electric, manual and fixed skylights to provide you with the ability to pick the perfect option for you. With an electric skylight, you get a wired in option that has a remote that allows you to open and close the unit. If you are interested in the solar-powered skylight, you get a unit that charges the battery using sunlight with no need for electric wiring. The manual skylight provides you with control rods that are used to open and close the skylights. The fixed skylight unit is great if you are looking for a bathroom skylight or another area that would be great for consistent natural lighting.

 Adding a skylight can be great for energy costs and with EAS Roofing you get a company that knows how to install a skylight properly so that it will last without needing constant skylight repair. Be sure to give us a call today if you are interested in installing Velux or Wasco Skylights for your home in Pittsburgh. You can see pictures of skylights that we have installed, and pick the best option for your home.