Gutters & Downspouts

At EAS Roofing, we offer our Pittsburgh homeowners'  the option to replace their old gutters and downspouts with brand new Alcoa seamless aluminum gutters. They have a new fresh look and compliment a new roof. We have a variety of colors and can also add gutter guards or heating cables to prevent ice build up that could potentially cause moisture to damage the roof. We also have software at our showroom that can measure your house to give you an estimated cost  of your gutter job within minutes.

Gutters are a vital part in protecting your home. They basically divert rain water and melted ice away from your foundation, which then protects from mold and mildew that could form on your windows, inside your walls or in you basement. If your gutters look anything like the above pictures while it is raining or during the winter, give us a call today at (412) 781-ROOF. We can service your gutters before the weather changes to prevent any damages to your roof or home.

The Benefit of Seamless Gutter Installation in Pittsburgh

When you are looking to make sure that your rain gutters are prepared for the rain and ice coming in the winter, EAS Roofing has the gutter installation you need in Pittsburgh. With our company, you can replace the old rain gutters and downspouts on your home with Alcoa seamless gutters. These seamless aluminum gutters provide your Pittsburgh home with many advantages over standard gutters and downspouts.

For starters, Alcoa seamless aluminum gutters provide a more visually appealing option because of their hidden, screw-in hangers and it is produced for the length of your home. The gutter seams in older systems are the place that is most likely to leak because rain and ice can burst the seams and cause water to leak from a place that should be sealed. When you choose EAS Roofing to provide Alcoa seamless gutter installation in Pittsburgh, you can avoid this problem completely while increasing your home’s curb appeal. You can find out more by coming by our showroom to get a demonstration and an estimate for your home.

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Choosing the Right Size Rain Gutters in Pittsburgh

One of the choices that people have to make when looking at a gutter replacement is the size of their gutters. There are commonly 5 inch and 6-inch gutters for homes, and 5-inch gutters are the most common size. 6-inch gutters are used more for steeply angled roofs because of the increased speed that rain water flows off of them. With 6 inches, gutter installation, it is vital that the hangers be fastened into the wooden fascia board to secure the gutters to the house. With any types of gutters including Alcoa aluminum gutters, regular maintenance is important for keeping your rain gutters in shape to handle the weather every season.

Alcoa gutters come in many colors to match any changes you may be making to your home. If you are unsure or need some suggestions on choosing a color We are always happy to help and give recommendations. Call today (412) 781-ROOF or stop by our Showroom on Route 8.

Heating Cables & why You Would Want Them

AT EAS Roofing, we also offer our homeowners' the option to install heat cables on their roof and gutters to combat the Pittsburgh winter weather. Heat cables assist in helping snow and ice melt, which reduces the amount of weight being placed on your roof. Ice dams have also been known for spreading underneath shingles, lifting and or cracking them. Having these cables prevents ice dams from building up and forming into a roofing issue.

EAS Protects Your Gutters in Pittsburgh So They Can Protect You

The rain gutters on your home are essential when it comes to protecting from mold and mildew buildup on your roof, windows, inside your walls or in the basement. If you are having issues with rain gutters leaking, cracking, or staining, then call us at (412)781-ROOF. Our expert roof gutter maintenance and repair services can help protect your roof and your home from potential problems caused by a leaking gutter drain. The best gutters still need to be consistently serviced to stay in great shape, so call us if you need anything for your gutters in Pittsburgh.

EAS Roofing Provides Gutter Cleaning and Other Maintenance

There are a variety of other services that EAS roofing provides to help keep your gutters working great all year long. Whether you want us to install heat cables on your roof and gutters to help the snow and ice melt and reduce possible damage to your shingles, or you need profession cleaning for gutters, we can help. Proper inspections and regular maintenance are needed to guarantee the functionality of your rain gutters in Pittsburgh. Call us today to schedule your regular maintenance.