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You don't have to worry when we are on the job! At EAS Roofing, we care as much about your property as you do, taking into account every aspect from your perspective. We wouldn't want you to pay for a new roof and then have to pay for a new lawn! This is why we invested in the Equipter RB 4000; we are one of the very few reputable roofing companies to own one. Take a look at the video below to see exactly how the Equipter prevents damage to your property!

The Equipter

Top of the line equipment!

See the Equipter in action...

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We at EAS Roofing are aware that most Pittsburgh area home owners have never heard of an Equipter or know what one does. For residential roofing contractors like us, the Equipter is a viable piece of equipment. It increases production and helps our customers receive roofing services faster and more efficient.


An Equipter is a roofing equipment that is created to lift, tow, dump, and raise. The main function of an Equipter is to move roofing materials easily around the job site and remove debris quickly. For example, instead of having five or six crew members carry your damaged shingles from your roof to the ground, the Equipter does it in one trip. It makes for a much neater and safer work area.


At EAS Roofing, we utilize the Equipter RB4000, and we are one of the few Pittsburgh, PA roofing companies that owns one. Around a residence, the Equipter RB4000 can be driven around so that our Pittsburgh roofers don’t have to drag roofing materials through your yard. When the container is full of roofing debris, this equipment can be driven to any area in which the debris needs to be disposed of. With the hydraulic trailer, it is as simple as raising the container and dumping the material out.


When we purchased our Equipter RB4000, we did so with the intention of increasing our profits, increasing the production of our roofers, and delivering customer satisfaction.  We are happy to say that we hit the mark on all these points. This is how we can pass the savings on to you.

What is an Equipter?

What are the Benefits of Using the Equipter RB4000?

There are many benefits of using the Equipter RB4000 for your Pittsburgh roofing project. We can manage your roofing job more proficiently and quickly. It is much faster to put all the roofing materials needed for a roofing project in the container and raise it to the roof of your home then having several roofers having to lift it up to your roof. For our Pittsburgh roofers, the Equipter RB4000 keeps them safe on a job site, regardless if they are performing residential roof replacement or skylight installations.


If you are concern about damage to your landscape, you don’t have to worry any longer. The container can be positioned over hedges, flowerbeds, and shrubs to protect your foliage if our roofers are raising roofing materials up to the roof or removing damaged roofing shingles, as well as nails or anything else that needs to be gotten rid of.


With a wide container and wide tires, as a Pittsburgh area homeowner, you will appreciate how the Equipter RB4000 will assist in preventing damage to your grass and your property. The best part is that this equipment runs on its own power source, so we don’t have to charge it up using your electricity or anything like that. At EAS Roofing, we are all about making roofing services in the Pittsburgh area hassle-free for our customers, and the Equipter RB4000 helps us to do so.