EAS Advantage

EAS Roofing knows the many options when choosing a contractor to replace your roof. That's why we have invested in the Equipter RB4000. We also have an up to date showroom to show roofing material, siding, gutters, and skylights. We provide drone photos & videos, and Visualizers to give a virtual example of what your home would look like with a new roof. Check out the examples below about why choosing EAS Roofing makes all the difference! 

The Difference

Drone Photos

We provide Pittsburgh with drone photos and videos of its new roofs. Whenever you're selling your home, having photos of the new roof may really help you close the deal. Studies show that houses with newer roofs are more likely to sell due to the curb appeal, and you can recoup up to 95% of your investment. But that's not the only time we provide Drone Photos and videos. Sometimes, to really see the beauty in your new roof, a birds eye view will do the job. EAS Roofing is the first Pittsburgh roofing company to provide drone photos and videos. We have invested in a 4K camera so you get the best image possible. Take a look at our drone page to see more amazing photos of Pittsburgh!


Our Showroom is located outside of Pittsburgh in Glenshaw, convenient for homeowners from all over Allegheny County to make the short trip to see the steps that go into a roof. At our showroom, not only will you find CertainTeed shingles, but also Wasco and Velux Skylights that both have solar power capability. You will also find siding samples, seamless gutters with all the color options, Gutter Guard options, and photos of some of our equipment. EAS Roofing's Showroom also has a 60" TV that allows us to provide our homeowners with a virtual image of your house with a new CertainTeed roof. Our Showroom is located at 1049 William Flynn Highway, Glenshaw, PA. 15116.


We want our customers to be at their most confident in making such a big decision for their home. That is why we offer all our homeowners our Visualizer software. We can take an image of your current roof and change it to whatever colors you're interested in installing. This makes it an easier decision by making sure the roof color matches the rest of your property enhancing your curb appeal.


EAS Roofing, has invested in a state-of-the-art machine able to hold nearly 12 yards of material. The Equipter’s dump container lets us easily dump debris from any position into any larger container or truck. It also has a hydraulic tailgate, and can dump from any position. Its front wheels lift and its drive axle automatically disengages so it can be hooked up and hauled to any job-site. With a 10.5 ft. catch area, we can capture shingles, nails, siding, and whatever else we tear off and throw away. No mess! The Equipter also minimizes tracks on lawns and landscapes with the wide tires. Customers appreciate that we respect their properties!