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Providing High-Quality Residential Roof Replacement in Pittsburgh, PA

The Process Behind the Best Residential Roofing from EAS Roofing

The reason that CertainTeed’s Integrity Roofing System is able to provide such an incredible warranty, is because the process works. When you get a residential roof replacement from us, we will install the five layers of the Integrity Roof System that provide you with a roof that lasts and can endure the harsh weather. Starting with the winterguard, then adding the starter shingles, Roofer's Select, CertainTeed Shingles and finally the Hip and Ridge caps, you get an incredibly engineered roof that protects your home. There is no substitute for an incredible roof installation, and our roofers are certified to bring you the best roofing system available so that you have less to worry about in future roof repairs. Call or stop by our showroom today to find out more about the incredible residential roof installation you get with EAS Roofing and the CertainTeed Integrity Roofing System.

At EAS Roofing, we have raised the roof-ing standards for residents of Pittsburgh, PA. With CertainTeed’s Integrity Roofing System, you can be confident it the fact that your home will be the most durable and will last for a long time. The great thing about the Integrity Roof System that you get from EAS Roofing for your residential roof replacement or new roof installation, is that it can handle anything. That is a huge advantage in a town like Pittsburgh that can face extreme weather in the winter time.

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The most important thing to consider when choosing roofers for your residential roof installation is the process that they use. With EAS Roofing, our detailed method for residential roof replacement is proven to provide the highest standard of roofing for your home. Here is how we do it:

To begin:

When installing a new roof, it is important to make sure that the foundation is secure. With every roof installation, EAS roofing removes all of the material down to the decking. Before installing any part of your new roof, we make sure to replace any rotten wood or wood that does not meet our high standards.

Provide a Solid Foundation

Step 1:

Winterguard Underlayment

The next step for your roof installation is installing Winterguard as an underlayment on your roof decking. This is a waterproofing that is offered by CertainTeed that helps to prevent any leakage due to ice dams and heavy rain. EAS Roofing installs Winterguard at all eaves, valleys, pipe flashings, chimneys, skylights and any problematic area that may be present on your roof. This product comes in a 3 foot roll and in some occasions it is necessary to install multiple rows.

Step 2:

Starter Shingles

To prevent new roof shingles from being blown off by the wind, EAS Roofing installs Swifstart Starter shingles on all of your rakes and eaves. This part of the residential roof installation increases your wind rating from 110 mph to 130 mph.

Step 3:

Roofer's Select

The next part of our process is installing Diamond Deck, a secondary water protection. This is a synthetic underlayment that helps provide stability and prevent leaks from occurring, even during the roof installation.

Step 4:

CertainTeed  Shingles

EAS Roofing, installs CertainTeed series shingles. Landmark is the most popular of CertainTeed's lineup and is available in many colors that compliment any trim to your property. They have a duel- layer that serves as extra protection from our Pittsburgh elements. They also come with a 10 year streak free algae guarantee and can with stand up to 130 mph winds. They can also be upgraded to Landmark PRO, which is a heavier shingle that can prevent algae for 15 years. With EAS Roofing we are able to offer our homeowners a 5- Star Warranty that also covers our workmanship making it the best warranty in the roofing business.

Step 5:

Hip and Ridge

With EAS Roofing,the finishing step to your new roof would be making sure there is proper ventilation through your home. We use CertainTeed Filtered rolled Ridgevent. This product, less than an inch in height, works to ventilate your attic and provides evenly distributed ventilation along the entire underside of the roof. It is also designed to  maximize airflow across the entire underside of roof.

Residential Roofing system Installation and Roofing Replacement in Pittsburgh takes pride in our capability to use replacement roof materials that withstand heavy winds and storms.

In case your roofing damage was caused by a cyclone, winds, hail or other natural event, you can count on EAS Roofing Professionals to assist you get your roofing back in repair.


1. Call Your HOME INSURER.
2. Call EAS RoofingCompany
3. Unwind, We got you covered.

It essential that your roofing business works together with your insurance provider that generally sets costs to please them. Typically, most excellent home insurer will permit you adequate cash to change a roof, but not always.

At EAS Roof Installation and Roof Repair work, we have experience dealing with Insurance provider for Roof Replacement and submitting an Insurance Claim for Roofing Damage. We understand that trouble it considers the average individual to deal with a Roofing Replacement issue and can help guide you along the process with ease.

Let EAS Roofing Repair work Specialists eliminate your concerned about financing your roofing repair work thinking. We will work to offer you an allocated roof setup or repair that your insurance company can support. If we feel that the insurer approximated wrong, we will look after calling them for you.

Having a Roofing system Installation in PIttsburgh, Cranberry, Wexford, Glenshaw or other SouthWest Pennsylvania Location is easy with our Roof specialists.

Our Professional Roofing Professionals know the Pennsylvania Map and the type of PA weather conditions to expect, and we can Recommend Roofing system Installation for you upon inspection of your PIttsburgh City Roofing or other roofing system.

Whether you love an average or stylish roof material, you'll like having EAS Roofing Professionals in PA bring their Team of Workers to set up Authorized Roofing Products to your home.

When you employ EAS Roof Repair, you are inviting and Sincere and Efficient Roofing Installer or Roofing system Repair artist to take care of your roof.

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