Do you have STORM DAMAGE?

How to identify roof damage from                               high winds.

Here is a simple check list to follow.

1. Check your property for shingles on the ground
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The quickest way to decide if your roof has wind damage is to inspect around your property. If you have shingles laying in your yard odds are they are from your roof. Sometimes they are not full shingles but just 1 tab of a shingle, so make sure you inspect carefully. 

2. Check other roofs on your street. 

If your roof is hard to see looking at your neighbors roof may be easier. Stand back in your driveway or yard and look for any lifting of the shingles. If you notice dark spots on the roof it could be the underlayment exposed. Contact us for an inspection to make sure your home is not damaged. 

3. Look for damaged tree branchs

If you notice any trees with damage odds are your roof has damage. Wind gust that are strong enough to break branches are usually strong enough to rip shingles up. Often if the tree is close to your house the branches could damage your roof as well. 

Examples of roof damage due to high winds .