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What should I expect from a roofing estimate?

This is the questioned we get most often from our consumers.  Many times you may receive a price of the  total cost of the roofing project without the materials and labor itemized.   Since this is common practice, it this something you should ask for?  Also, what does a standard roofing estimate look  like?

These are great questions and here at EAS ROOFING we like to educate our consumers.

The roofing proposals you get from different roofing companies will vary in the way they look  to the way they are presented.   Some contractors will print you an estimate while in the field while others offer a handwritten estimate.   The various different levels may look more or less official depending on the roofing contractor.   The look of the form isn’t incredibly important and it comes down to offering you the right elements for the roofing projects that you need to see and review

The most important thing when considering a roofing replacement or roofing installation is to receive many proposals and then compare apples to apples.  Remember that putting on a new roof is one of the largest investments you will make aside from buying the house itself or a new car.   A roof is an incredible home investment.   As such, there is a bit of a risk associated with getting a new roof and not  knowing what you will get ahead of time.  It is incredibly important to clarify and ask for any types of costs that seem to be missing, lack clarity or seem unreasonable.

Hiring a Roofer in Pittsburgh

No matter who you choose to complete your roofing project, you must remember to interview them and ensure that you trust and understand all the work to be done. 

The way a roofing contractor acts and behaves during this “interview” process will help you sense and gauge how you and they communicate with one another.   Remember the old adage:  How it starts is how it ends.   Keep this in mind if you feel something is off or not right and likewise if you feel that you are receiving incredible service and attention.

What Should A Roofing Bid Have On It?

  1. The roofing bid should have the project listed with an anticipated start and end date that also includes the terms of payment.

  2. The Cost of Labor and Materials

  3. The mention and cost of any roofing permits that need to be obtained, along with the specifics to the clean up and removal of any debris.

  4. You may also want  to know the type of underlayment, shingles, flashing and ventilation that is being used and their warranties.

  5. Finally, make sure you have proof of their skill. A contractor’s license if it is required and a workman’s compensation and liability insurance to cover any injuries cause on your property as a result of their work.

What Should the Roofing Contract Have on It?

Once you have decided the roofer you want , you now make a hiring decision.  At this point, you and the roofer will be signing a contract which will offer you both protection before, during and after the job is completed.

Good Roofing Contracts should include:

  1. Payment Terms

  2. Type of Roofing Materials to be used

  3. Provisions for special request or changes during the project

  4. Protection from liability on the roofing materials called a lien release.

  5. A termination clause that lets you and the contractor follow steps to be released from the contract without any type of penalties.