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At EAS Roofing we take into consideration that paying monthly payments for a new roof may be more affordable for our customers. We offer financing through Service Finance Company, LLC. If financing is something that interests you, give us a call today at (412) 781-ROOF (7663). All of our customers know the approval status the same day their application is submitted.

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Understanding Your Roof Replacement Financing Options with EAS Roofing

With EAS Roofing, you will get the highest quality roofing contractors and the most innovative technology to provide you with an incredible roof replacement. Our goal is to make sure that as many people as possible can comfortably get the residential roof replacement they need to protect their home in Pittsburgh. That is why EAS Roofing is willing to work with our customers on their roof replacement financing options so that paying for a new roof is not a financial burden.

When you need to finance roofing with short-term payment options over a year, same as cash, with 0% APR, EAS Roofing connects you with what you need through Service Finance Company, LLC. With Service Finance, you can get the loan that you need to cover a roof replacement cost with different financing options that work for you. Beyond short-term repayment options, there are financing options that can be repaid over 5 years at 7.99% APR with most payments that are under $200. The longest-term roof financing options include a 10-year repayment with 7.99% APR and payments that are under $99.

When you need to finance roofing for your home, be sure to discuss your options with EAS roofing so that we can help you get the roof replacement you need in Pittsburgh. Call us today to get residential roof replacement estimates for free so that you can begin to plan for your new roof in Pittsburgh right away.

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Pittsburgh’s Top Contractors Have Financing Available

EAS Roofing is dedicated to providing the highest quality roof installation by using the top products, equipment and hiring the best roofing contractors to service your new roof. One of the most important things to us is that everyone that is able to get a new roof in Pittsburgh is able to get one. Some of our customers pay for all of their roof replacement cost up front, but for many others, the payment plans with roof financing options are more reasonable. That is why we offer options for financing a roof replacement through Service Finance Company, LLC.

If you are in a place where, after seeing your roof replacement estimates, you are interested in residential roof replacement but need to finance the roofing, then give us a call. Every customer that is interested in roof financing options is able to get their approval status the same day as when the application gets submitted.

There are several roof replacement financing options that might suit your needs and help you cover the up-front roof replacement cost. Our goal is that everyone that needs the best roofing contractors has financing options available so that you can get the most innovative new roof in Pittsburgh, PA. If you want to learn more about financing your new roof, get a roof replacement estimate, or apply for roof financing, then call us today. EAS Roofing will help you get the roof installation services that you need at a great price and help with any of your roof financing options so that you can rest easy.

EAS Roofing is always trying to make sure that paying for your roof isn't a burden. That's why weather your looking for a short term payment like
12 Months SAME AS CASH 0%APR
or even something with a smaller payment for a longer term like
5 years 7.99% APR were most payment are under $200
or an even smaller payment with the longest term available
10 years 7.99% APR were most payments are under $99

Let us know how we can make a new roof more affordable for you today!