Drone Technology

At EAS Roofing, we offer all of our homeowners' a bird's eye view of their roof upon completion. This technology will show your roof in as much detail as if you were on it yourself. We also offer pictures taken by our drone for you to keep for reference. Take a look at the video below we recorded and photos we've taken to show how much detail this special camera can capture.

EAS Roofing is proud to use a roofing drone to give you the best roofing service.

The military frequently uses drones to help find and expose terrorists and to survey areas for suspicious activity. EAS Roofing uses a drone for domestic use to help you and your family.

Eugene A Smith, owner of EAS Roofing in Pittsburgh PA believe that getting a drone view or a “birds eye vies” for roofing estimates means a safier and easier job from him and his staff.

He uses the unmanned aircraft called a drone. It offers a video that is able to tell him in a matter of minutes if there is something wrong with the roof on your home or business.

The height of the building is not longer a safety hazard or a concern anymore when looking for residential roof or commercial roofing estimates.   EAS Roofing simply flies their roofing drone up to the roof of any building and makes a quick little video that would otherwise take hours or be completely impossible in the past.

The Federal Aviation Administration can not fine a roofer or homeowner for using a drone for an inspection on a home or building when used properly.

 Drone technology is much better and offers more money savings than it did in the past.  

Using the roofing drone is beneficial for both the roofer and the home owner.