If your in the market for getting a new roof, understanding the warranty is important. If you compare other shingle manufactures warranty you will see the difference. CertainTeed covers against any manufacturers defect. Every other shingle manufactures states that they cover against defects that affect the performance of the roof or cause a roof leak. That is a major differences and doesn't really leave much to desire. If your shingles are cracking, curling, or even buckling from a manufacturers defect only CertainTeed will cover you for a replacement. Thats why choosing the Sure Start Plus warranty is something that you want to make sure your being offered. GAF and Owens Corning are both popular shingles to have installed in the Pittsburgh market. Whenever you are in the market for a new roof, it is very important to understand that the most important thing is the ROOFER. Although the shingle that is installed is also important, if a roof fails it is 98% of the time the workmanship. EAS Roofing installs CertainTeed shingles because of many reasons, not only are they one of the heaviest shingles in the industry but they also have the strongest warranty to protect my homeowners. Landmark PRO shingles is one of the highest rated shingles online from consumers as well as roofing companies, because of their ease of installation from the contractors point of view and the beauty from the consumers. Landmark PRO shingles come in 13 different colors so there is always a color that will work great with any style house. With the Visualizer EAS Roofing can actually show you what these great shingles look like as well. 

Shingle Overview 

- 250 lbs. per sq. 

- 15 year "Streak Fighter" warranty against algae 

-Max Def color pallet with 13 colors to choose from

- 50 year warranty on material and labor

- 130mph wind warranty for 15 years

Landmark PRO


GAF is a popular shingle in North America, it is actually the most purchased shingle in the USA. Although EAS Roofing's preferred shingle is CertainTeed, we understand that they will probably be offered GAF during their estimate phase. GAF Timberline shingles have a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects that cause your roof to leak. So if your roof is leaking, GAF will cover your roof for materials and labor. GAF has a program that is similar to CertainTeed's Select Shingle Master, it is called a Master Elite. If you are considering GAF for your home you might want to look for a Master Elite contractor for the job. GAF Timberline shingles weight around 207 lbs per sq. which are one of the lighter shingles in the industry, compared to CertainTeed's base shingle which comes in around 240 lbs per sq. GAF Timberline Shingle comes in 14 different colors to insure that your house will have a great look. 

Shingle Overview

- 207 lbs per sq. 

- Limited Lifetime Warranty

- "Stain Guard" warranty against algae

-130 mph wind rating 

Owens Corning 

Owens Corning is another very popular shingle in the Pittsburgh area. Owens Corning has dimensional shingle lines Oakridge and Duration. A lot of times homeowners wouldn't know the differences but the duration is the true comparison to the GAF Timberline and the CertainTeed Landmark. Owens Corning Duration shingle comes in 14 different colors, and also has a designer series that adds a couple more colors. Owens Corning Duration shingles weight around 217 lbs per sq. although it isn't posted on the packaging. Owens Corning offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty just like GAF and CertainTeed but similar to GAF they will warranty against manufacturer defects that cause the roofing material to leak. Also similar to GAF and CertainTeed, Owens Corning also has a program in place for contractors that have met their credentials and they call them Platinum Preferred Contractors. Take a look at some of the colors that Owens Corning has to offer below. 

Shingle Overview

- 217 lbs per sq. 

- Limited Lifetime Warranty

- 10 year "Streak Guard" warranty against algae

-130 mph wind rating 

- Sure nail Technology